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  Introduction to the Theory of Intermolecular Interactions
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Introduction to the Theory of Intermolecular Interactions

University of Helsinki, Spring 2001

Lecturer: Dr. Nino Runeberg (
Level: Advanced undergraduate and postgraduate
Language: English
Literature: Lecture notes and additional handouts
Credits: 3

Brief Outline

  • Basic concepts
    • The classical model of intermolecular forces
    • A quantum mechanical approach to intermolecular interations
  • Electrostatic theory of intermolecular interactions
    • A charge distribution in a potential field
    • The multipole expansion of the long range electrostatic interaction energy
    • A classical approach to induction
  • Quantum mechanical theory of long range interactions
    • Multipole expansion of the interaction operator
    • Long range electrostatic and induction energies from the perturbation theory
    • Long range dispersion interactions
    • Interactions around equilibrium distances
    • Many-body effects
  • Applicability of available methods for calculation of interaction energies

Lecture Notes and Exercises

The lecture notes and exercises can now be found in the Notes folder.

Useful links

Free textbook "Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics" by John H. Heinbockel.
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