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Latest update: 20 Dec 2009

Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry 2009

Chemical Bonding

December 14th–17th, 2009

The lecture notes are now available.


Lester Andrews, University of Virginia
  • Small actinide-bearing molecules (1 h)

Jean-Pierre Dognon, CEA Saclay

  • Aspects on f-elements (1 h)

Gernot Frenking, Philipps-Universität Marburg

  • Backbone lectures on chemical bonding (4 h)

Martin Kaupp, Universität Würzburg

  • Hybridization and hypervalency in transition-metal and main-group bonding (2 h)

Peter Knowles, Cardiff University

  • How to teach all this? (2 h)

Jan Lundell, University of Jyväskylä

  • Hydrogen bonds (2 h)

Pekka Pyykkö, University of Helsinki

  • Periodic trends, electron counting, covalent radii, metallophilicity (3 h)

Michael W. Schmidt, Iowa State University

  • Fundamentals of covalent bonding (2 h)

Dage Sundholm, University of Helsinki

  • Conjugation and aromaticity (2 h)

Frank R. Wagner, Max Planck Institut, Dresden

  • Chemical bonding analysis in position space employing 1- and 2-particle densities (2 h)

Antti Pursula, CSC - The Finnish IT Centre for Science

  • HPC-Europa2 (½ h)


Monday 14.12        Tuesday 15.12      Wednesday 16.12      Thursday 17.12
                    09:00  Frenking 3  09:00  Frenking 4    09:00  Dognon
09:15  Welcome      09:45  Wagner 2    09:45  Pyykkö 2      09:45  Andrews
09:30  Schmidt 1    10:30  Break       10:30  Break         10:30  Break     
10:15  Schmidt 2    11:00  Pyykkö 1    11:00  Pyykkö 3      10:45  Sundholm 2  
11:00  Break        11:45  Lunch       11:45  Sundholm 1    11:30  Pursula     
11:30  Frenking 1   13:00  Lundell 1   12:30  Lunch         11:50  Discussion   
12:15  Lunch        13:45  Lundell 2                        12:00  Lunch and
13:15  Frenking 2   14:30  Break              Free                 Departure      
14:00  Kaupp 1      15:00  Knowles 1          Afternoon 
14:45  Break        15:45  Knowles 2                       
15:15  Kaupp 2                                
16:00  Wagner 1                                       
16:45  Posters                                          
                    17:00  Div. of      
                           Comp. Chem.  

Registration: Participants were requested to register by November 30th, 2009.
Lecture notes: The lecture notes are now available.
Posters and abstracts: A poster session will be held on Monday evening. All members of the School are welcome and encouraged to put up a poster on the premises. The posters are browsable throughout the duration of the School.

The Book of Abstracts is now available.

Credits: Students who wish to have credits for the course, should write an essay on one of the School topics. The list of essay titles (PDF) is now ready. The dead-line for submitting the essay is January 31st, 2010. Send a PDF of your essay to The course will give 3 ECTS.
Fees: The School is free of charge for academic staff and students
Questions: General questions concerning the School can be addressed to Dage Sundholm and Pekka Pyykkö, or by e-mail to
Address: Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 55 (A.I. Virtasen aukio 1)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Telephone:+358-9-191 50176
FAX: +358-9-191 50169
How to find the campus: Check out the contact info pages for Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
See also the map Chemicum on Google Maps
Practical notes: Some things to consider.
  • Arriving at the airport, bus 615/615T/615N will take you to the city centre for 4 €. You can use the same ticket for travel with all public transportation in the Helsinki region. (Within Helsinki, a ticket costs 2.50 €.) In the time table found here, "Lentoasema" means "Airport" while "Rautatieasema" equals "Central railway station". Public transport in Helsinki
  • The Journey Planner and Google Maps might be helpful.
  • The latest weather reports predict down to -15 degrees for the Winter School week. Dress accordingly.
Other things of interest: Helsinki might be cold, but is not dead in December. Check out the Tourist info page. Via that site, you can also find information about for example accommodation, like this:

Get more information about interesting conferences from the Upcoming conferences list at the Computational Chemistry List, CCL.

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