Latest update: 24 Oct 2011

Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry 2011

Excited State Properties

December 12th–15th, 2011


Andreas Dreuw, University of Heidelberg (dreuw/at/

Ville R.I. Kaila, NIH, Washington (ville.kaila/at/

Roland Lindh, Uppsala University (Roland.Lindh/at/

Benedetta Mennucci, University of Pisa (bene/at/

James M.W. Murray, Imperial College, London (j.w.murray/at/

Johannes Neugebauer, Braunschweig University (j.neugebauer/at/

Patrick Norman, Link�ping University (panor/at/

Tomasz Wesolowski, University of Geneva (Tomasz.Wesolowski/at/


Monday 12.12     Tuesday 13.12      Wednesday 14.12      Thursday 15.12
                    09:00  Norman 3    09:00  Wesolowski 1  09:00  Dreuw 3
09:15  Welcome      09:45  Norman 4    09:45  Wesolowski 2  09:45  Dreuw 4
09:30  Norman 1     10:30  Break       10:30  Break         10:30  Break   
10:15  Norman 2     11:00  Murray 2    11:00  Dreuw 1       11:00  Neugebauer 1
11:00  Break        11:45  Lunch       11:45  Dreuw 2       11:45  Neugebauer 2
11:30  Mennucci 1   13:00  Lindh 1     12:30  Lunch         12:30  Discussion, Lunch 
12:15  Lunch        13:45  Lindh 2                                 and Departure
14:00  Mennucci 2   14:30  Break              Free          
14:45  Murray 1     15:00  Kaila 1            Afternoon     
15:30  Posters      15:45  Kaila 2                       
                    18:00  Div. of      
                           Comp. Chem.  

Lecture notes

Essay Titles

The Book of Abstracts is now available. Please download it (and print it if desired).

Poster: If you are interested, please download and distribute our poster!
Travel Grants: Please note, that 10 bursaries sponsored by CoDECS are available for CoDECS students. This can be used to cover accomodation expenses. The maximum amount granted per person is 300 EUR. See also the CODECS page
Posters and abstracts: A poster session will be held on Monday evening. All members of the School are welcome and encouraged to put up a poster on the premises. The posters are browsable throughout the duration of the School.

See the Abstracts page for details on how to submit your abstract. Deadline is the same, December 3rd

Fees: The School is free of charge for academic staff and students
Questions: General questions concerning the School can be addressed to Dage Sundholm, Michael Patzschke or by e-mail to
Address: Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 55 (A.I. Virtasen aukio 1)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
Telephone:+358-9-191 50176
FAX: +358-9-191 50169
How to find the campus: Check out the contact info pages for Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
See also the map Chemicum on Google Maps
Practical notes: Some things to consider.
  • Arriving at the airport, bus 615/615T/615N will take you to the city centre for 4 �. You can use the same ticket for travel with all public transportation in the Helsinki region. (Within Helsinki, a ticket costs 2.50 �.) In the time table found here, "Lentoasema" means "Airport" while "Rautatieasema" equals "Central railway station". Public transport in Helsinki
  • The Journey Planner and Google Maps might be helpful.
  • Look at the latest weather reports before travelling as temperatures might drop down to -15 degrees for the Winter School week.
Other things of interest: Helsinki might be cold, but is not dead in December. Check out the Tourist info page. Via that site, you can also find information about for example accommodation, like this:

Get more information about interesting conferences from the Upcoming conferences list at the Computational Chemistry List, CCL.