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Computational Molecular Science

Finnish Centre of Excellence (2006-2011)


Computational Molecular Science (CMS)


The Department of Chemistry, Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish
The Department of Chemistry, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
The Department of Physical Sciences, The Accelerator Laboratory
at the University of Helsinki and
The Department of Physical Sciences, NMR Research Group at the University of Oulu

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Short presentation of the research groups:

Chairman:Lauri Halonen Vice chairman: Kai Nordlund
Node leader: Markku Räsänen Node leader: Dage Sundholm
Node leader: Juha Vaara Coordinator: Vesa Hänninen

Home page of the senior researchers:

Docent Mikko Hakala Prof. Lauri Halonen Dr. Leonid Khriachtchev
Prof. Kai Nordlund Docent Janne Pesonen Prof. Pekka Pyykkö
Prof. Markku Räsänen Prof. Dage Sundholm Docent Raimo Timonen
Prof. Juha Vaara

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