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Adjacent photo by Veikko Somerpuro, 2005.

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An official portrait by Jussi Aalto was recently uncovered. See the following link for 9 and 29 October, 2009: Jussi Aalto's picture blog.
A webcast of the Farewell Lecture on 29 October 2009 (in Swedish, 57'46") can be heard or copied as a YouTube version U of H Video archive UniTube .
The original PDF slides in English: PDF
The Davidson Lecture, delivered for University of North Texas on 25 October 2013. Here, 54'.
The slides of a lecture, delivered at the 50th anniversary of the Laboratory for Instruction in Swedish, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, on 12 November 2013. PPT here .
PDF here.
For photos from the Farewell occasion, see 75 photos.

Research interests

Relativistic effects in heavy-element chemistry.
Closed-shell interactions in inorganic and organometallic systems.
Determination of nuclear quadrupole moments, Q, from spectroscopic eqQ/h and accurate quantum chemical calculations. The "2017" set is here.
Paper [205] in Science (October 6, 2000) on noble-metal--noble-gas chemical bonds.
Curriculum Vitae
List of Publications (1- )
Year-2009 single-, double- and triple-bond covalent radii and Year-2012 tetrahedral covalent radii.
The RTAM bibliography of relativistic calculations on atoms and molecules.
The "yellow card" (Report HUKI 1-89 on natural constants).
The REHE programme of the ESF.
List of Chemistry Professors in Finland in 1761-2000.
Papers on history of chemistry.

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